ProMedica is now using a new patient portal, ProMedica MyChart. (This does not apply to St. Luke's / Wellcare locations

If you were using our previous portal, much of your key information has automatically transferred into MyChart (except for data you entered yourself).

To enroll in MyChart, go to:

For questions about activating your account, please email or call (419) 989-4880.

Please note that ProMedica Physicians Cardiology has a new Patient Portal and will not appear in MyChart. Please go to to register for the GEMMS patient portal.

Deactivated account? How do I regain access?

  • If your portal account has been deactivated, please visit to register for a new account.
  • Once registered you will regain access to your key health and wellness information. Please note that any prior information that you entered yourself will need to be reentered (e.g. personal health trackers, etc.).
  • Don’t forget to update your bookmarks to include a link to your new portal login page at


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